Where do drivers charge when they can charge at work? EV Project offers answers.

The EV Project, which deployed over 12,000 EV charging stations across the US, and collected charging data on 8,300 LEAFs, Volts, and smart fortwo EDs, has amassed what is surely the world’s largest database of EV driver charging behavior, representing almost 125 million miles of driving and 4 million charging events over 2 years.

Since ECOtality, the original operator of the EV Project, filed for bankruptcy, the Idaho National Laboratory has taken over responsibility for analyzing the data, and is using it to publish a series of summary reports and technical papers.

The latest of these reports addresses the question of where EV drivers do most of their charging. Specifically, it examines the behavior of 707 LEAF drivers who had the opportunity to charge at work.

The report’s conclusions tend to confirm the conventional wisdom of most EV industry observers: most charging goes on at home and at the workplace. For the drivers who had access to workplace charging, 65% of charging events took place at home, 32% at work, and 3% at other locations. For all LEAF drivers (whether they had access to workplace charging or not), 84% of charging events took place at home, and 16% elsewhere.


Source: Idaho National Laboratory

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