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Tesla first-quarter results: good news, but not enough to impress Wall Street

There was a lot to like in Tesla’s first-quarter results, announced after the stock market close on Wednesday. Revenue and earnings both beat analysts’ projections, and the company reported steady progress on all fronts, from China to Model X to the Gigafactory. So, did TSLA stock soar in response to the good news? It did… Read more »

Tesla will choose two Gigafactory sites, just to make sure one is ready in time

Tesla isn’t fooling around about getting its Gigafactory up and running quickly. It plans to select sites in more than one state, and move forward with the building process at both simultaneously, just to be double sure that one is ready to supply battery packs in time to bring the mass-market Tesla into production without… Read more »

Panasonic to take a step by step approach to investment in Tesla Gigafactory

Pour the Champagne back into the bottle for now – reports that Panasonic had committed to investing a bundle in Tesla’s Gigafactory turn out to have been premature. President Kazuhiro Tsuga told reporters in Tokyo this week that the company plans to move cautiously to reduce its risk. “Our approach is to make investments step… Read more »

Elon Musk: Model X is a harder design problem but worth the wait

At the Geneva Auto Salon a few weeks ago, we were surprised to see that, unlike the previous year, Tesla had no Model X on display. The booth bunnies had no explanation to offer, but in a recent interview with Bloomberg, Elon Musk shed a little light on that topic. While demand for the Model… Read more »

Tide turning for Tesla in Texas? Governor Perry favors direct sales

The latest good news for Tesla in its war with the auto dealers comes from an unexpected region. Texas currently bans the company’s direct sales model, and the Lone Star State’s legislature is generally considered a strong ally of the state dealer associations. This week however, Governor Rick Perry, in an interview on Fox Business… Read more »

Arizona considers bill to legalize Tesla direct sales

Tesla’s war with the auto dealers is getting more interesting by the day. Barely a week after New Jersey outlawed the company’s contentious direct-to-consumers sales model, the Arizona legislature is considering a bill that would explicitly legalize it. According to the Associated Press, Arizona House Bill 2123, which was approved by a state Senate committee… Read more »

Opinions of New Jersey Tesla ban cut across party lines: Gingrich criticizes Christie

Despite what you may hear on Fox News, which recently aired an anti-EV rant (the latest of many) that was riddled with misleading statements, by no means all conservatives are opposed to electric vehicles. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been taking flak from both left and right since his administration approved a new rule… Read more »

Tesla Gigafactory location: Tucson throws its hat in the ring, California out of the running

The city of Tucson, Arizona has made a formal proposal to become the home of the Tesla Gigafactory. Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said that the city has identified a potential site with access to the railroad mainline and interstates, and that the city could add tax incentives to those offered by the state. “I look forward… Read more »

Tesla’s Gigafactory sounds like good news for lithium suppliers

Those who follow the market for lithium, which is evolving into a strategic commodity, have been predicting an oversupply in the years ahead. However, Tesla’s planned battery Gigafactory may consume as much as 17 percent of the world’s current output, benefiting producers like Rockwood Holdings (NYSE: ROC), according to Goldman Sachs Group. Tesla’s appetite for… Read more »

Tesla Gigafactory takes shape, stock soars, short-sellers weep

Let’s all shed a crocodile tear or two for the poor Tesla short-sellers. Their faces (and their balance sheets) turned an even deeper shade of red this week, as TSLA shares powered through the $200 mark without tapping the brakes, on the way to $260 and beyond. A series of positive news items has driven… Read more »