Tesla and Jeff Dahn patent new battery cell chemistry

Tesla’s battery research group in Halifax, which is led by battery superstar Jeff Dahn, has applied for a patent on a new battery cell chemistry that promises to deliver faster charging, longer life and lower cost.

In the application, entitled “Novel battery systems based on two-additive electrolyte systems,” Dahn and his team explain that adding up to five different compounds to an electrolyte can improve battery performance, but they have devised a solution using only two additives, which reduces costs compared to other systems that rely on more additives.

Tesla JB Straubel Dr. Jeff Dahn

Download the Patent Application Publication 

The new two-additive mixtures can be used with lithium nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) battery chemistries. NMC chemistry is used in several EV models, but Tesla uses an NCA chemistry for its vehicle battery cells. However, Tesla does use NMC in its stationary storage batteries. According to the patent application, the new technology would be useful for both EV and grid storage applications.



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Source: Electrek

  • Stuart McColl

    Charge on !

  • freedomev

    Likely the savings is lost in higher cobalt costs. I have seen nothing good about storage cells, give me EV rated cells any day for far longer life for a small, 10% capacity gain storage cells claim, no thanks.

    • Luke William

      You should try rereading the last paragraph.

  • Dan Cizmarov

    How about low temperatures charging discharge performance any Info ?

  • mzso

    Yawn. Minor tweak to an aging technology.