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Tesla to raise $500 million – wait, make that $650 million – with new stock offering

Tesla has big plans – expensive plans. Tooling up for volume production of Model X, developing Model 3 for an unveiling next year, the Gigafactory, the new energy storage business, more charging infrastructure, the Snakebot charger, a new Roadster, the James Bond submarine/car, Hyperloop…good grief, this is going to require a pile of cash! To… Read more »

First phase of Tesla Gigafactory nearly complete

Tesla’s game-changing Gigafactory in Northern Nevada is taking shape even faster than expected. The first building phase is nearly complete, the company told Nevada’s Legislative Commission in a quarterly report that it is required to provide under the terms of the $1.3-billion package of tax incentives it received from the state. The first phase is… Read more »

Tesla batteries already powering Wal-Marts

Tesla’s new residential and utility-scale batteries, which have the potential to revolutionize the energy market, are expected to be publicly unveiled this week. Invitations to the April 30th event teased the new product line as “the missing piece.” The company has been quietly installing systems for a while now – in a California pilot with… Read more »

Tesla’s batteries – past, present and future

This article is an excerpt from Tesla Motors: How Elon Musk and Company Made Electric Cars Cool, and Sparked the Next Tech Revolution by Charged Senior Editor Charles Morris. Tesla seems to make a point of doing things differently than other automakers, and its battery pack – the most critical component of any EV –… Read more »

Does Tesla’s Gigafactory have water worries?

Tesla’s Gigafactory, now under construction in northern Nevada, is expected to offer some 6,000 manufacturing jobs, which will be welcome in a state whose economy is dependent on gambling and tourism. Most are enthusiastic about the new development, but there are questions about whether local resources and infrastructure will be adequate. As always in this… Read more »

Musk: Gigafactory is a no-lose proposition for Nevada

Elon Musk, always quick to respond to any perceived slight against Tesla, has posted a detailed rejoinder to a recent Fortune article that told the story of how the company selected a Nevada site for its Gigafactory. The article didn’t accuse Tesla of doing anything wrong, much less illegal. On the contrary, as befits a… Read more »

The inside story of how Nevada won the Tesla Gigafactory site

Outsiders to the auto industry they may be, but Elon Musk and his merry band of Teslanauts are masters at working the system to get what they want. A recent article in Fortune tells the tale of how Tesla skillfully played the state tax-incentive game, and scored a sweet deal on its Gigafactory site in… Read more »

New report examines Tesla battery technology and costs

A new report offers a detailed look at Tesla’s battery technology and how it fits into the overall EV industry. Titled simply The Tesla Battery Report, the slide-show-style presentation examines the following topics: Tesla’s success and the direction of the EV market EV battery technology: Tesla vs. conventional Tesla battery intellectual property EV battery cost… Read more »

Why did Nevada win the Tesla Gigafactory? Theories abound.

Commentators from a wide variety of backgrounds are offering a wide variety of reasons why Tesla chose Nevada for its game-changing Gigafactory. The site is fairly close to Tesla’s Fremont, California assembly plant, and offers easy access to an Interstate highway and a major rail corridor. Tim Crowley of the Nevada Mining Association thinks that… Read more »

Tesla to build Gigafactory in Nevada, state offers major incentive package

It’s official: Tesla will build its game-changing Gigafactory in Nevada. CEO Elon Musk and Governor Brian Sandoval made the announcement at a press conference, and each gave the usual pep talk. “Tesla will build the world’s largest and most advanced battery factory in Nevada, which means nearly one hundred billion dollars in economic impact to… Read more »