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Scheugenpflug integrates inspection systems into its dispensing products

Scheugenpflug has announced that its dispensing system products will now integrate an inspection system. The systems are designed for automated production lines with dispensing systems. Germany-based Scheugenpflug offers systems for adhesives, dispensing and potting operations. The company’s dispensing systems will include Quiss’s RTVision 2D or 3D inline inspection systems. The 2D version uses an LED… Read more »

Scheugenpflug’s new DispensingCell DC803 is designed for high-volume liquid dispensing

Scheugenpflug recently introduced the DispensingCell DC803, a multifunctional cell for dispensing applications. This system can be used for potting and applying liquid seals and adhesives, as well as sealing sensitive electronic surfaces. The cell is an offshoot of the company’s CNCell. The DispensingCell DC803 was designed for medium-to-high production quantities. The company says the servo… Read more »

LORD and Scheugenpflug collaborate to scale up EV thermal designs

When EV manufacturers find a high-quality gap filler that maximizes battery performance, they don’t want to hit a snag with the application system. One of the fundamental challenges in designing an EV battery pack is the effective management of heat generated during the battery’s charge and discharge cycles. A basic principle of physics is that… Read more »

Scheugenpflug’s high-speed thermal paste dispenser offers faster battery production and less downtime

Thermal paste is essential for preventing overheating and short circuits during battery operation. Unfortunately, its application is one of the slowest processes in battery pack production, as potting material is highly viscous and abrasive. Scheugenpflug, a provider of adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting solutions, has developed a new dispensing solution for thermal potting material that… Read more »

Alta Motors says its electric dirt bike has world-class energy density

Alta Motors claims that its dirt bikes have a battery pack with energy density that’s among the highest of any production vehicle. With help from Scheugenpflug’s custom production equipment and Wevo-Chemie materials, the motorcycle builder says its thermal design was the key to achieving that. Seven years ago, a group of motorcycle and off-road dirt… Read more »