MotorSolve Online cloud-based electric motor design software

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Infolytica has launched a cloud-based version of its electric motor design software.

MotorSolve Online is a subscription-based web site for designers of synchronous (brushless AC/DC, permanent magnet AC) and induction motors. It allows designers to model and perform finite element analysis (FEA) simulations to predict motor performance.

The cloud-based service uses the same automated FEA engine that powers the desktop version of MotorSolve.

The template interface is designed to make it easy to input motor specifications (number of slots/poles, OD, iron depth, magnet size, teeth, slots, etc.). The winding calculator automatically determines and ranks all balanced windings, or allows the user to create a custom winding layout.

MSO online image 1 - Template interface

The software includes an extensive materials database of conductors, magnets and steels with measured property values (magnetic permeability, electric conductivity, mass density, etc.) provided by their manufacturers.

All motor performance charts and field plots are computed online, including cogging torque, back EMF, torque vs speed, losses, current, flux density and more. An integrated reporting tool allows reports to be stored online and saved as PDF files.


Source: Infolytica

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