WattStation/LEAF problem traced to faulty software

Two of the most prominent companies on the EV scene were embarrassed a couple of weeks ago by the news that at least 11 LEAF owners have sustained damage to their cars after using GE’s popular WattStation charger. The two companies mounted an investigation of the problem, and GE announced the findings to the public on Friday in a brief statement.

Nissan and GE have completed their investigation into the instances of Nissan LEAFs experiencing on-board charging (OBC) issues when using certain EV chargers. Nissan has traced the root cause of the issue to the LEAF’s OBC software that can allow damage to occur to its OBC components while using certain chargers and in certain instances, such as when a brief under voltage or blackout condition occurs. Nissan is working to address this issue as quickly as possible, and in the meantime is advising customers to avoid charging during times when brownouts or momentary power dips may be likely, such as during electrical storms or high power usage on the grid.

The last bit doesn’t sound like especially helpful advice, as momentary power dips are not rare, at least in your correspondent’s neighborhood, and can happen any time. However, if a mere software glitch is indeed the problem, then LEAF drivers should expect a pretty speedy solution.


Soure: Plugincars.com
Image: GE


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