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Envia wins $7.7 million contract to develop advanced cathode and anode materials

The US Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC), a collaboration among the Big Three US automakers, has awarded a $7.7-million battery technology development contract to Envia Systems of Newark, California. The competitively bid contract, which is co-funded by the DOE and includes a 50 percent Envia Systems cost-share, is for a 36-month program that will focus on… Read more »

DOE-supported research projects seek to commercialize silicon-based anodes

The DOE is supporting six applied battery research projects, with the objective of developing cells that provide energy density of more than 200 Wh/kg, along with long cycle life and excellent abuse tolerance. All six projects are using some form of silicon-based material for the anode. A team led by the Argonne National Laboratory is… Read more »

Former Envia Systems execs drop their lawsuit

Things are looking a little brighter for battery startup Envia Systems, as three of the company’s former executives dropped a lawsuit with little explanation. The suit, which was filed last November, alleged that co-founder and CTO Sujeet Kumar created the company using intellectual property that he stole from his previous employer, a nanotech startup called… Read more »

Envia bungles battery breakthrough as former CEO sues and GM jumps ship

Back in 2012, battery startup Envia was the toast of Silicon Valley. Its innovative battery technology had achieved the highest energy density ever recorded for a lithium-ion cell – a breakthrough that could halve the costs of EV batteries – and the company already had a deal to supply cells to GM. Today, the company… Read more »

We need more energy: Envia Systems’ 400 Wh/kg Li-ion cells

Envia Systems crushed the record for energy density of an automotive rechargeable Li-ion battery at 400Wh/kg. Now all the small start-up has to do is partner with everybody, become the industry standard, and change the world.  Most of us know the public library as a place to get some free Wi-Fi, meet up with people for… Read more »

Tests confirm Envia Systems’ lithium-ion battery breakthrough

Envia Systems announced today that a test sponsored by ARPA-E has verified the company’s impressive claims for its new battery cells. Envia’s prototype juice boxes have achieved an energy density of 400 Watt-hours/kilogram – the highest ever recorded for a rechargeable lithium-ion cell. We’ll leave the hyperbole to the marketing folks, and settle for a… Read more »