Envia wins $7.7 million contract to develop advanced cathode and anode materials

The US Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC), a collaboration among the Big Three US automakers, has awarded a $7.7-million battery technology development contract to Envia Systems of Newark, California.

The competitively bid contract, which is co-funded by the DOE and includes a 50 percent Envia Systems cost-share, is for a 36-month program that will focus on lithium-ion layered-layered cathode/silicon-based anodes, including the development of high-energy cathode and anode material for vehicle applications, as well as the development and scale-up of pouch cells exhibiting performance metrics that exceed the minimum USABC targets for EVs.

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“We are pleased to announce the award of this contract to Envia Systems as part of USABC’s broad battery technology research and development programs,” said Steve Zimmer, Executive Director of USCAR. “These programs are essential to advance the technology needed to meet both near- and long-term goals that will enable increasingly efficient and affordable vehicle electrification.”


Source: USCAR