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Plug-in hybrid kit maker Echo Automotive goes out of business

The commercial fleet market promises great opportunities for startups, but also great dangers. A number of companies are trying to electrify this segment, and several have already fallen by the wayside. The latest to run out of juice is Echo Automotive, which was profiled in our April issue. The Arizona-based company has been forced to… Read more »

Echo Automotive aims for the plug-in fleet sweet spot

The commercial fleet market is one of the most exciting frontiers in the electromobility revolution, not only because of the enormous potential for fuel savings, but because it offers opportunities for a smaller company, which can hope to carve out a lucrative niche developing a powertrain solution, without the need to build the sort of… Read more »

Remy to supply motors for EchoDrive plug-in hybrid system

Echo Automotive (OTCQB: ECAU) has announced an agreement with Remy International to supply electric motors for Echo’s EchoDrive plug-in hybrid system, which is scheduled for production later this year. “Remy has over 100,000 electric motors on the road with over 2 billion miles and over 10 years of electric traction motor production,” said Echo President… Read more »

Echo Automotive offers aftermarket PHEV powertrains for Ford and GM vans

Echo Automotive, a developer of aftermarket plug-in hybrid powertrains, plans to extend its EchoDrive system to GM 2500 and 3500 vans, including the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana, model years 2010-2014. EchoDrive is already available for Ford E-Series vans – orders are currently being accepted and production is scheduled to begin later this year. Production… Read more »