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Nissan and Eaton introduce home energy storage system with second-life EV batteries

Nissan and Eaton have partnered to introduce a residential energy storage unit that’s designed to enable customers to take advantage of time-of-use pricing, and to provide back-up power. The xStorage system is powered by twelve second-life Nissan EV battery modules, and will feature smartphone connectivity. Nissan Design Europe will contribute design expertise to ensure that… Read more »

Which companies are the top DC Fast Charger manufacturers?

DC Fast Charging addresses the EV’s greatest drawback, allowing drivers to conveniently add range and making long road trips possible. That’s why fast chargers are popping up like mushrooms along major highways around the world, and the market’s rapid growth is bound to continue. But which manufacturers are supplying most of the hardware? Plugshare’s popular… Read more »

Nissan and Eaton collaborate on second-life EV battery applications

Nissan and Eaton have announced a partnership that will use their respective expertise in lithium-ion batteries and power electronics to create commercially viable energy storage and control centers that offer a productive second life for Nissan’s EV batteries after their days on the road. The two companies will deploy a module that combines retired LEAF… Read more »

Eaton DC hyper charger charges at rates of up to one megawatt

Power management company Eaton has announced an addition to its EVSE product line. The DC hyper charger is designed to serve mass transit EVs such as buses, and is scalable from 250 kW to 1 MW charging rates. Eaton’s engineers collaborated with product testing firm Intertek to devise a testing regimen for the new charger…. Read more »

British Columbia public EV charging stations see rapid growth in usage

A growing number of drivers are plugging into British Columbia’s public EV charging stations. Powertech Labs, a subsidiary of local utility BC Hydro, tracks 350 of BC’s 550 public chargers, and reports that the number of charging sessions at those stations doubled between August 2013 and August 2014. “Over 40,000 charging sessions were reported in… Read more »

BC Hydro pushes for a timely fast charger rollout

BC Hydro is the electricity supplier for about 95 percent of the Canadian province of British Columbia. It’s government-owned and vertically integrated, meaning that the company owns and operates everything from production and transmission to distribution to customers. The company’s 30 hydroelectric facilities meet 78 percent of its electricity requirements, with the balance coming from… Read more »

Eaton’s new HyperCharger cranks out one megawatt of power

Like EVs themselves, charging stations come in all shapes and sizes. Power management giant Eaton has announced the release of what may be the world’s highest-capacity charger. The new HyperCharger is capable of fast-charging EVs at power levels up to one megawatt (MW). Designed to charge fleets of electric buses and other mass transit vehicles,… Read more »

Advanced battery testing and development hub opens in Indiana

The Battery Innovation Center (BIC), a hub for advanced battery testing and development, opened this week in Newberry, Indiana. The 32,000-square-foot facility will serve as a center for research and development, prototyping and contract manufacturing for industrial, academic and military customers. BIC members include corporate, academic and government entities such as AeroVironment, Eaton, Purdue University… Read more »

Eaton to supply EV charging stations to federal Electric Vehicle Pilot Program

The US government is cleaning up its energy usage, both to save money and to encourage high-tech manufacturing. The feds have plans to cut government petroleum consumption by 30 percent. Part of that involves the Electric Vehicle Pilot Program (EVPP), a targeted investment to incorporate EVs and charging infrastructure into federal vehicle fleets. The EVPP… Read more »

Hawaii gets free DC fast chargers

Thanks to a cooperative effort by Mitsubishi Motors, Eaton Corporation (NYSE:ETN) and the State of Hawaii, the first of a network of DC fast charging stations will soon be installed at Ko Olina Resort, an upscale hotel, marina and golf course complex near Honolulu. Eaton’s partner Volta Industries will be installing the CHAdeMO-compliant chargers as… Read more »