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BP Chargemaster installs first of 400 150 kW chargers

BP Chargemaster, BP’s UK-based charging network subsidiary, has powered up its first 150 kW ultra-fast charger at a BP retail site. The charger is the first in a planned network of ultra-fast chargers across the UK. BP plans to roll out 400 ultra-fast chargers at BP sites across the UK by the end of 2021,… Read more »

BP sees big opportunities for EVs and has recently been investing in EV-related companies

The oil and gas giant’s EV investment rationale is outlined in its new report, BP Technology Outlook. Demand for travel is central to modern society. Currently, transport accounts for 20% of global primary energy use. The global light-duty fleet of cars, vans, and light trucks is here to stay for the foreseeable future. In fact,… Read more »

BP to acquire UK charging network Chargemaster

BP has agreed to purchase Chargemaster, which builds charging stations and operates a network of over 6,500 public charging points across the UK. Unlike some oil giants, BP is taking a proactive approach to the coming transition to electric transport. The company estimates that there will be 12 million EVs on UK roads by 2040,… Read more »

Chargemaster’s new UltraCharger features Automatic Number Plate Recognition

British charging station manufacturer Chargemaster has revealed its new UltraCharger DC fast charger. EV owners can access the UltraCharger using an RFID card or a contactless debit or credit card. Another nifty feature is Automatic Number Plate Recognition – the unit can recognize a vehicle’s license plate number and automatically start charging. The 50 kW… Read more »

Qualcomm invests in Chargemaster to deploy wireless charging in UK

Qualcomm, maker of the Halo wireless charging system, has invested in Chargemaster, a UK-based manufacturer and operator of EV charging stations. The move will accelerate the planned UK deployment of Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology, Chargemaster said. Chargemaster has produced more than 27,000 charging stations, and operates POLAR, the UK’s largest network of public… Read more »

Chargemaster’s management system keeps its public charging stations up and running

The British firm Chargemaster, which operates a network of over 10,000 public charging points across the UK, uses a proprietary system to monitor the operational availability of its network, and claims a 98.7% serviceability record over the last year. David Martell, Chargemaster CEO, said, “We are proud to have the best-maintained charge points not only… Read more »

VC firm Beringea invests £3 million in Chargemaster

Venture capital firm Beringea has invested £3 million in EVSE provider Chargemaster. Founded in 2008, Chargemaster claims to be the UK’s largest supplier of EV infrastructure, with over 10,000 public chargers in Britain and another 4,000 on the Continent. Chargemaster’s charging units can be wall mounted, placed on street-side posts or custom-built to customer specifications…. Read more »

New fast charger network creates EV corridor in central England

The English city of Milton Keynes has launched a network of fast chargers, creating a corridor of charging points across the center of the country. The Milton Keynes Crosslink consists of 14 triplex rapid chargers, each capable of charging an EV in around 20 minutes, located in and around Cambridge, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Buckingham and… Read more »