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BMZ Group ramps up production of Li-ion batteries for ventilators and other medical equipment

The BMZ Group, an international company headquartered in Germany, produces Li-ion batteries for everything from power tools to stationary storage to industrial vehicles such as forklifts. Now the company is seeing a surge in demand for its batteries from makers of a wide variety of medical equipment, especially ventilators. In some cases, the volume of… Read more »

BMZ orders $1 billion worth of Samsung Li-ion cells for European EVs

Battery system manufacturer BMZ is launching a long-term cooperation with Samsung SDI, and plans to order just under $1 billion worth of Li-ion cells over the next five years. BMZ says its European automotive customers will double their EV production volumes in the coming year, and is responding by expanding manufacturing capacity of its Li-ion… Read more »

BMZ Group launches new center for battery innovations

The BMZ Group’s new E.Volution Center in Aschaffenburg, Germany will be an incubator for new energy storage technologies. The goal is to develop 200 new battery systems for various applications each year. BMZ specializes in lithium-ion battery technologies to replace lead batteries in products such as energy storage systems, E-bikes, buses, forklifts, E-boats, industrial trucks,… Read more »

German firm opens first phase of Europe’s biggest battery factory

German battery systems provider BMZ has opened up the first two buildings at what it says will be Europe’s biggest lithium-ion battery factory, in Karlstein-Großwelzheim, Germany. When the facility is completed in 2020, it will cover some 55,000 square meters, including production, laboratory and office buildings. It will employ a staff of up to 1,500… Read more »