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Audi to invest $109 million in charging infrastructure at German plants

Audi will invest around €100 million ($109 million) to electrify one in ten parking spaces at its German plants by mid-2022.  The German carmaker will install 4,500 charging points in Germany, including 3,500 at its main plant in Ingolstadt and 1,000 at its plant in Neckarsulm, and almost 100 each at plants in Brussels, Belgium… Read more »

The auto industry is finally advertising its EVs

Over the past few years, we in the EV media have been highly critical of automakers for failing to advertise their EVs (and then claiming that there’s no consumer demand for them). So it’s only fair that we praise them now that they’re starting to release some pro-EV ad spots. Several TV campaigns have referred… Read more »

German automakers (still) planning to challenge Tesla

Elon Musk hopes Tesla’s success will inspire other automakers to get serious about EVs. The latest buzz in the automotive press is that he may get his wish, as German luxury brands are rumored to be working on their own EVs to compete with the boys from Silicon Valley. Automobile magazine reported earlier this month… Read more »

Audi’s 48-volt electrical system increases efficiency and reduces emissions

Yet another sign of how electrification technology is steadily creeping into legacy ICE vehicles: Audi plans to upgrade part of its vehicle electrical system from 12 to 48 volts. Current technology has taken 12‑volt electrical systems to their limits. Especially at low temperatures, the various static‑load consumers can account for the entire power generated by… Read more »

LG Chem to supply batteries to Audi

Korean giant LG Chem has agreed to supply batteries to Audi for hybrids and plug-in hybrids, and the companies will collaborate on various future plug-in projects, according to Reuters. “The batteries will be used in Audi’s next-generation plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Given that Audi shares many auto platforms with parent Volkswagen, we expect more such… Read more »

Audi powers ahead with PHEVs, poo-poos pure EVs

Audi plans to have a plug-in hybrid version of each of its “key models” by 2020, reiterated Board Member for Technical Development Ulrich Hackenberg. Speaking at the launch of the A3 Sportback e-tron, Hackenberg said Audi had decided to prioritize plug-in hybrids because “they meet all of our customers’ expectations.” He said that Audi is developing… Read more »

Audi plans to offer full range of e-trons – with wireless charging?

Audi’s TT Offroad concept PHEV, presented at the recent Beijing auto show, showcased several interesting features, including the Volkswagen Group’s modular transverse matrix system, and a powertrain with two electric motors and 408 total horsepower. However, as Business Insider reports, most of the media buzz has been about Audi’s Wireless Charging technology, which the business… Read more »

Audi presents PHEV concept with two electric motors and wireless charging

Audi is presenting a new concept PHEV at this week’s Beijing International Automobile Exhibition that showcases a number of cutting-edge technologies, including wireless charging. The Audi TT offroad concept is based on the modular transverse matrix (MQB), the Volkswagen Group’s common engine-mounting core, which allows a model to be produced with different drivetrains (legacy, hybrid… Read more »

Audi shows off an e-tron quattro in Detroit

Audi’s all-road shooting brake show car, which is on display at this week’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, highlights what the company calls “a new form of quattro drive – the e-tron quattro.” The compact crossover has a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that delivers 300 kW (408 hp) of system power and system… Read more »

VW CEO: Germany’s 1 million EV goal achievable, if…

The German government has set a goal to have one million electric cars on the country’s roads by 2020. “We will make our contribution toward this goal,” Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn told reporters this week. However, according to Bloomberg, Winterkorn said that the goal was feasible only if plug-in hybrids are included in that million-vehicle… Read more »