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Argonne collaborates with NUMiX Materials on battery recycling and biofuel research

Researchers at the DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory have collaborated with sorbent development company NUMiX Materials to investigate the use of a process called capacitive deionization to recycle automotive batteries and produce biofuel. Capacitive deionization separates nickel, manganese and cobalt from other battery materials by relying on their electrical charges. According to Argonne Environmental Engineer Lauren… Read more »

Aggreko supplies battery storage system for Argonne’s EV fast-charging facility

Aggreko, a provider of mobile and modular energy solutions, has delivered a smart battery storage system to Argonne National Laboratory. Argonne will incorporate the new system into a fast charging facility at its Smart Energy Plaza near Chicago. Aggreko and ANL will use this net-zero battery storage system to demonstrate how smart management of stored… Read more »