Wallbox introduces home energy management solutions for the US market

Barcelona-based Wallbox (NYSE:WBX) has added its Eco-Smart and Power Boost home energy management features to its US charging products. Eco-Smart and Power Boost now come standard with Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus, a 48-amp, 11.5 kW compact home charger that features flexible amperage, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, charge scheduling, power sharing and voice control.

Eco-Smart uses a power meter to measure the energy from a home’s rooftop solar system, allowing homeowners to determine the mix of power to be delivered to their EVs. It operates in two modes. Full-Green Mode detects when there is surplus solar energy available, and uses it to charge the EV. Eco Mode blends grid energy with surplus green energy from solar panels, maximizing charging speed.

Power Boost is designed to allow installation of a more powerful charger than the home’s electrical capacity might otherwise allow. It measures the real-time energy usage of a household, and dynamically adjusts EV charging power. When electrical consumption is increased, for example, when air conditioning is in use, EV charging power can be dynamically reduced to avoid overloading the electrical system.

Both Power Boost and Eco-Smart features are embedded within the Pulsar Plus charger, and can be controlled through the myWallbox app.

“With the release of Eco-Smart and Power Boost, we have reimagined the way in which energy is monitored, used, accessed and optimized for EV owners throughout the home,” said Douglas Alfaro, General Manager of Wallbox North America. “As energy costs and demand are expected to rise, intelligently managed EV chargers will become not only a cost-saving measure, but a way to facilitate the transition to clean energy.”

Source: Wallbox


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