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Mercedes-Benz launches Wallbox home EV chargers in the US

Mercedes-Benz has announced that its Wallbox smart charger for overnight charging at home is now widely available across the US.  The unit delivers up to 11.5 kW when operated at 48 amps on a 240-volt circuit. It provides the typical range of smart-charging features through a phone app. The Wallbox is made by Amsterdam-based EVSE… Read more »

Wallbox and Bidirectional Energy win $2.2-million CEC grant for V2X demo project

EV charging and energy management specialist Wallbox and startup Bidirectional Energy have secured $2.2 million in grant funding from the California Energy Commission for Phase 1 of their Bidirectional Residential V2X Demonstration Project. The companies will install and operate Wallbox’s Quasar 2 bidirectional charger at 120 residential locations across California. The chargers will be managed… Read more »

WeaveGrid and Wallbox to offer utility-managed smart charging, starting in Colorado

California-based EV charging software developer WeaveGrid and Spanish EV charging equipment supplier Wallbox have partnered to expand North American Wallbox owners’ access to utility-managed charging programs, beginning with Xcel Energy’s Charging Perks Program in Colorado. The program optimizes residential EV charging times to align with low power grid demand and high availability of renewable energy… Read more »

Wallbox bidirectional EV chargers to be offered with Kia EV9

Bidirectional charging is on the way to your driveway, and it will soon allow you to use your EV as backup power for your home, or to save money by taking advantage of utility incentives. Kia now plans to offer Wallbox’s second-generation DC bidirectional charger, Quasar 2, to Kia EV9 buyers, starting in the first… Read more »

Webasto adds two new wallboxes to its EV charging portfolio

Webasto Charging Systems has added two new wallboxes to its EV charging product family. The TurboConnect and TurboDX 2.0 Plug-In Level 2 chargers are designed and manufactured to withstand any conditions. Both are certified by UL and ETL, as well as other standardization bodies. The TurboConnect Level 2 charger offers 11.5 kW of power at… Read more »

Nissan and Wallbox offer one-stop home charging solution

Nissan is working with EVSE provider Wallbox (NYSE:WBX) to offer Nissan EV owners “a seamless one-stop shop solution for their home charging needs.” Nissan EV owners in the US can now purchase Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus Level 2 home charger and schedule installation through the web site, and receive a rebate from Nissan. Wallbox says… Read more »

The KATEK Group’s ghostONE white-label wallbox charger

The KATEK Group, a European electronics company, has introduced a new white-label wallbox charging station. The ghostONE is a 22 kW Level 2 charger that companies can customize with their own brand identities. “With ghostONE, KATEK’s subsidiary eSystems is targeting the European market for wallboxes in the residential and semi-public sectors, which, according to recent… Read more »

Wallbox builds EVSE factory in Texas, will produce bidirectional DC charger in 2023

Barcelona-based charging station manufacturer Wallbox has begun construction of a new manufacturing facility in Arlington, Texas. The company will invest some $11 million in the initial construction, and plans to begin production at the site by October of 2022. Wallbox says the facility’s annual production capacity will be over 250,000 units when it opens, and… Read more »

Wallbox to sell its home EV chargers through NAPA Auto Parts

Charging station manufacturer Wallbox (NYSE:WBX) has announced that NAPA Auto Parts will be an authorized dealer of Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus smart home charger, online and in-store at more than 6,000 locations across the US and Canada. Pulsar Plus models 40A and 48A are Wallbox’s best-selling home chargers. Features include flexible amperage setting, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi… Read more »

Uber drivers get Wallbox charging stations at a discounted price

Following a pilot program, Uber and Wallbox are expanding their partnership nationwide. The partnership offers a discounted package to Uber drivers that includes a Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger, along with installation and financing options. The EV charging package will be rolled out in four geographical groups, and is scheduled to reach nationwide coverage (excluding Alaska)… Read more »