Tesla’s new Workplace Charging program offers free charging stations to businesses

Tesla Destination Charger

Tesla has several different infrastructure initiatives going on, including the Supercharger network, Urban Superchargers, and the Destination Charging network. Now the California trendsetter is adding another piece to the puzzle.

Tesla’s new Workplace Charging program is similar to the Destination Charging network, in that it offers free charging stations to businesses, which agree to cover the cost of the electricity. However, the new program focuses on parking lots at workplaces.

“As Tesla’s fleet continues to grow, it is more important than ever for our customers to be able to easily charge their cars where they park,” says Tesla. “The most convenient way to charge is to plug in overnight at home, and for most people, this is all that is needed. For others, such as those who live in an apartment, Tesla is introducing its new Workplace Charging program. Charging at work is simple and convenient, just plug in and your car is charged by the time you’re done for the day.”

“For qualified employers or commercial property managers who choose to provide an EV charging option, Tesla will review, donate their Tesla Wall Connectors and provide installation assistance. Energy costs will be the responsibility of the property.”

Businesses interested in the new program can apply on Tesla’s website.


Source: Electrek

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