Tesla pays for Destination Chargers that charge other automakers’ EVs

Tesla Destination Charger

In addition to its Superchargers, Tesla has been installing Level 2 Destination Chargers at locations such as hotels and restaurants – over 5,000 so far. Tesla installs the chargers for free, and the host covers the electric bill.

In the US, Tesla chargers use a proprietary connector, so theoretically only Tesla vehicles can use them.  However, Quick Charge Power, a company that sells all kinds of handy EV charging tools, offers a third-party adapter called the JDapter, which allows any modern EV to charge at a Tesla charging station.

To the best of our knowledge, Tesla has not issued any comment about the JDapter, but golly, they must be hopping mad, right? Well, maybe not – Elon and his team of heroes have often said that they aim to promote not just Tesla EVs, but EVs in general, for the good of all.

Electrek has learned that, at some Destination Charger sites, Tesla has installed not only its own charger, but a second universal J1772 Level 2 charger as well. Several business owners told Electrek that they were surprised when Tesla offered to install a Clipper Creek charger alongside the Tesla Wall Connector, at no additional cost.


Of course, other automakers have financed charging infrastructure that can be used by all EVs, but these arrangements are generally partnerships with a third-party paid charging network (for example, Nissan, BMW and EVgo). It’s not common for any company to pay to install infrastructure specifically for the use of its competitors.

“I have never heard of a company that acts the way Tesla does,” said one business owner who hosts a Destination Charger. “They truly put their corporate money where their mouth is, and that’s remarkable and laudable.”


Source: Electrek


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