TEPCO Ventures invests $2.5 million in V2G provider Fermata Energy

Fermata Energy, a provider of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, has secured a $2.5-million strategic investment from TEPCO Ventures, the investment arm of Tokyo Electric Power.

Fermata’s bi-directional chargers enable EV batteries to provide energy storage to the power grid, reducing power loads during peak times and consequently reducing electricity costs. Fermata Energy’s proprietary software system is designed to generate income from grid services for EV owners.

“Fermata is eager to globalize our bi-directional V2G technology, and TEPCO Ventures is a great partner because they are a major global utility, they understand the value proposition of integrating EV batteries with the power grid, and they understand the storage and demand challenges facing the grid,” said Fermata Energy founder and CEO David Slutzky.

“TEPCO Ventures aims to drive the transformation of Japan’s energy industry through investing in start-ups with innovative solutions,” said TEPCO Ventures President Shinji Akatsuka. “As a pioneer of the Vehicle-to-Building (V2B) space, Fermata Energy becomes our strategic partner that enables electric vehicles to be used as batteries, addressing Japan’s utility’s grid challenges.”

Nissan North America recently announced that it will pilot Fermata Energy’s technology at its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee and its design center in San Diego.


Source: Fermata Energy

  • freedomev

    The problem is the utilities are not ready for v2G and in no hurry to get ready.
    So better is V2H and do the H2G from there though the home net metering etc systems.
    All you really need is a comm card to get the EV to close it’s contactor and observe time of day plus battery minimal and maximum pack voltages.
    Then any 350vdc string solar inverter could feed the grid.
    My personal EVs have always had V2H to power my place during blackouts. Not having that in every EV is almost a crime as so cheap, easy to do.
    But in 5 yrs almost all EVs will have V2G standard to make money and get cheap, even free, charging.
    Why is EVs could end up with 50% of world electric storage, many with 200 mile range packs that need the exercise to keep a long life.