Octillion shipping 1,500 battery packs per day

Global battery supplier Octillion Energy has announced that it is now shipping over 1,500 battery packs per day. The company says rising EV sales in Brazil, India and China have contributed to the demand for its battery packs. In addition to electric buses in India and electric trucks produced by Brazilian automaker FNM, Octillion is supplying packs for a popular Chinese EV.

“We’re especially proud of our role in supplying batteries for the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV. It’s the best-selling electric vehicle in China and helping us to drive our production of battery packs,” said Paul Beach, President of US subsidiary Octillion Power Systems. 

Octillion’s battery management circuit boards are designed in California, and its battery packs are manufactured in the US, India and China.

Octillion foresees even more growth—it expects to ship 2,000 packs per day in December 2021, to reach sales of 200,000 packs in 2021 and to sell nearly 600,000 packs in 2022.

Source: Octillion


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