Nidec’s Ultra Fast Charger smooths out power demand from the grid

Nidec ASI’s new Ultra Fast Charger (UFC) incorporates 160 kWh of batteries, and functions as a buffer between a charging station and the electrical grid. It can use LV or MV grid connections and, according to Nidec, can supply 320 kW of power to a vehicle, while drawing only 50 kW from the grid.

Nidec ASI, descended from a company founded in Italy in 1853, specializes in heavy-duty applications such as electric motors and generators up to 65 MW; power electronics inverters and converters; and automation and software for industrial processes.

Nidec is developing a portfolio of charging products, which are designed to be supplied both from the grid and from renewable sources, and can offer bidirectional vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capability.

“Armed with 180 years of experience in the power electronics sector, and several years of commitment to the renewable energy and electric vehicle sectors, we have succeeded in engineering a solution with a high vehicle recharging capacity, able to maintain a constant flow in the electricity grid,” said Nidec’s Matteo Rizzi. “This is a sector on which we are focusing on more and more, as demonstrated by the important joint venture between Nidec and the PSA Group for the manufacturing of 900,000 electric engines per year.”


Source: Nidec ASI


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