Natron Energy to add sodium-ion batteries to fast charging station at UC San Diego

Natron Energy, a developer of sodium-ion batteries, has received a $3-million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to manufacture and install an energy storage system at a fast charging station on the University of California San Diego’s campus.

Natron says the project will result in a cost-competitive, at-scale alternative to Li-ion batteries and offer superior performance for the high-power/short-duration dispatch and long cycle life requirements of the fast charging market.

Natron’s battery technology uses Prussian Blue pigment, which stores and releases energy in the form of sodium ions. Unlike electrode materials found in most lithium-ion batteries, Natron says Prussian blue enjoys widespread availability and low cost.

“The Energy Commission’s EPIC research program accelerates innovative technologies to drive the scale of change needed to address the serious impacts of climate change,” said CEC Vice Chair Janea Scott. “Projects like Natron Energy’s sodium-ion battery system, which pairs energy storage with electric vehicle infrastructure, can help smartly integrate vehicles with no tailpipe pollution into the electric grid.”

Source: Natron Energy

  • Steve Woots

    Storage density? Number of cycles? Recharge time? Cost competitive?

    • Simone

      Sodium Ion have a average energy density of about 100 wh/kg. Cicle life is very similar to lithium , recharge time is a little slower than lithium , cost is a little lower. Overall Sodium ion feels like a low performance low cost version of lithium ion.

      Don’t think Sodium Ion will have a huge market because the price differential will become smaller and smaller as both technologies lower their prices.

      • Steve Woots

        Thanks. So it will likely find a few very good applications, but not the BIG one that everyone is watching, the car market.

  • jstack6

    I hope they also considered Nickle-Iron. They are very long lasting and non toxic too.