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Comau and LiNa develop automated manufacturing for solid-state sodium batteries

Comau, an Italian industrial automation company and LiNa, a solid-state sodium battery manufacturer, are developing a scalable manufacturing solution for sodium-metal-chloride battery cells. Comau provided LiNa with a detailed cell manufacturing automation roadmap. Comau and LiNa engineers designed the enclosure and handling equipment for solid-state battery cell components. They also identified and integrated commercially available… Read more »

LiNa Energy demonstrates dynamic containment with its solid-state sodium batteries

LiNa Energy, a developer of solid-state sodium batteries, has successfully completed an independent demonstration of its batteries for energy storage systems. In the test, a 1 kW / 1 kWh LiNa system performed dynamic containment. This is a key revenue stream for battery energy storage systems in the UK, which requires rapid injection and absorption… Read more »

Layered oxide cathode could make sodium-ion batteries an attractive option for EVs

Researchers at the US Department of Energy (DOE)’s Argonne National Laboratory have invented and patented a new battery cathode material that replaces lithium ions with sodium and could be significantly cheaper. The research team has developed a layered oxide cathode for sodium-ion batteries. A layered sodium nickel-manganese-iron (NMF) oxide cathode efficiently inserts and extracts sodium,… Read more »

EVs with sodium-ion batteries are rolling off production lines in China

Sodium-ion batteries have long been touted as a possible successor to the lithium-ion kind—they may have lower energy density, but they rely on more abundant sodium rather than lithium, perform better in cold temperatures, and above all, tend to be cheaper. Now, after years of anticipation, cars equipped with sodium-ion batteries have begun rolling off… Read more »

Researchers shape hard carbon to form high-capacity electrodes for sodium-ion batteries

Researchers from Tokyo University of Science (TUS) are developing high-capacity electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries (NIBs) and potassium-ion batteries (KIBs) to compete with lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). In the study published in Advanced Energy Materials, the researchers reported a new synthesis strategy for nanostructured hard carbon (HC) electrodes. HC lacks a crystalline structure—unlike graphene or diamond—and… Read more »

Chinese companies begin production of sodium-ion batteries

Sodium-ion batteries are expected to offer lower energy density compared to Li-ion cells, but they do offer some advantages, and could be a good fit for smaller EVs. Chinese battery behemoth CATL unveiled its first-generation sodium-ion battery in July 2021, and since then, several Chinese automakers have announced plans to use sodium-ion batteries in production… Read more »

INFICON releases ELT3000 PLUS electrolyte leak detector for Li-ion and sodium-ion batteries

INFICON, a leak-testing device and instrument manufacturer, has released an upgraded electrolyte leak detector for in-line leak testing of batteries. The ELT3000 PLUS directly detects electrolyte solvent leakage into a vacuum chamber to test ready-filled lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries in all cell formats. It has manual and automatic in-line leak detection modes for fast cycle… Read more »

Chinese automakers are forging ahead with sodium-ion batteries

Sodium-ion batteries, which could offer significant cost and raw material procurement advantages over the lithium-ion kind, have been much discussed in the press of late. Chinese battery behemoth CATL unveiled its first-generation sodium-ion battery in July 2021. At the time, analysts predicted that Na-ion cells, which are expected to offer only modest energy density, would… Read more »

Janus graphene could boost capacity in sodium-ion batteries

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have presented a new concept to fabricate high-performance electrode materials for sodium batteries. The results show that the capacity could match lithium-ion batteries. The ions intercalate in the graphite, which means that they can move in and out of the graphene layers and be stored for energy… Read more »

Natron Energy to add sodium-ion batteries to fast charging station at UC San Diego

Natron Energy, a developer of sodium-ion batteries, has received a $3-million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to manufacture and install an energy storage system at a fast charging station on the University of California San Diego’s campus. Natron says the project will result in a cost-competitive, at-scale alternative to Li-ion batteries and offer… Read more »