JuiceBar unveils new 48-amp home charger

JuiceBar, a commercial EV charger manufacturer based in Connecticut, has entered the home charging market today with the release of a new 48-amp Level 2 charger.

The new Cheetah, as the name implies, is built for speed. The home version will be available in 32-, 40- and 48-amp configurations, and will include dual safety relays, a smart mobile app and a 3-year warranty. Options include an extra-long 25-foot cord and a cord retractor.

“Our new home charger combines the speed and unparalleled reliability of our commercial chargers with a smart interface that will impress every EV driver,” said JuiceBar CEO Paul Vosper, adding that all JuiceBar products are made in the USA.s

Amy Harris, JuiceBar’s Chief Marketing Officer, says the company will soon offer customers an option to make their EVs 100% carbon-neutral through the purchase of certified renewable energy credits.

Source: JuiceBar


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