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JuiceBar unveils new 48-amp home charger

JuiceBar, a commercial EV charger manufacturer based in Connecticut, has entered the home charging market today with the release of a new 48-amp Level 2 charger. The new Cheetah, as the name implies, is built for speed. The home version will be available in 32-, 40- and 48-amp configurations, and will include dual safety relays,… Read more »

Skycharger/JuiceBar partnership aims to drive customers to charging hosts’ businesses

Charging solution provider Skycharger has announced a new partnership with EVSE manufacturer JuiceBar. JuiceBar’s chargers offer site hosts options for brand customization. Skycharger’s EVent Marketing software program is designed to drive customer traffic to site hosts’ businesses. Together the companies plan to offer a complete, one-stop solution for site hosts, including financial services, hardware, software,… Read more »

JuiceBar provides charging solution for EV rental firm UFODRIVE

EVSE manufacturer JuiceBar has formed a new strategic partnership with UFODRIVE, an all-electric car rental company. The two firms aim to bring UFODRIVE’s software technology, including internet-of-things apps, to the US fleet industry, and is also working on pilot programs across Europe using JuiceBar’s hardware to provide charging to UFODRIVE’s rental and mobility software-as-a-service (SaaS)… Read more »

JuiceBar introduces a third generation of sleek and flexible charging stations

JuiceBar’s charging stations are known for their sleek design—the original JuiceBar was developed in collaboration with BMW Designworks USA. The company’s new JuiceBar Gen 3 carries on this tradition, and is also designed to offer charging station owners the maximum in flexibility. Owners can customize their chargers with logos and unique designs for brand building… Read more »

InCharge Energy announces new fleet-specific EV charging hardware

InCharge Energy, a provider of turnkey commercial fleet EV infrastructure solutions, has announced its latest hardware offerings for fleet EV charging. “A well-designed charging infrastructure can optimize an entire fleet, reducing the total cost of ownership for fleet managers while increasing reliability,” said Paul Glenney, Executive Director of Customer Success. “User-friendly charging options are critical… Read more »

High-visibility Juice Bar commercial charger now available in Mini version

Juice Bar’s EV charging stations are designed to catch the eye, with a sleek and trendy look, an LED-illuminated logo, and plenty of space for advertising, branding or sponsorship opportunities. They are also highly customizable – station owners can add amenities such as tire inflation stations, commercial vacuums and even custom-painted murals to maximize their… Read more »

Juice Bar’s customizable charging station is a real eye-catcher

As you might guess from the name, Juice Bar’s EV charging stations are meant to be more than just utilitarian pieces of equipment. The Connecticut-based company aims to offer “not just a plug, but a philosophy.” Juice Bar’s high-visibility commercial chargers were designed in collaboration with BMW Designworks, and incorporate an eye-catching LED-illuminated Juice Bar… Read more »