Honda and Panasonic experiment with battery swapping for electric motorcycles

Honda and Panasonic plan to conduct an experiment with battery swapping in Indonesia, using the Honda Mobile Power Pack with electric motorcycles. The project is to begin in December.

As the third-largest motorcycle market in the world, Indonesia is dealing with massive air pollution as traffic increases. To address this issue, the Indonesian government has announced a policy of encouraging EV adoption. The two Japanese companies hope Honda’s Mobile Power Pack can help solve the issues of range and charging time.

For this experiment, the two companies will install charging stations at several dozen locations, each of which will charge multiple units of the Mobile Power Pack. Users will be able to stop at the nearest charging station and exchange a depleted Mobile Power Pack for a fully-charged one and get back on the road.


Source: Honda

  • freedomev

    Sounds expensive usually 2x the cost of just owning your own battery, charging and stations everywhere even if simple ones.
    Most likely bring their E MCs inside for theft reasons at home. But could work if they keep costs low.

    • stuart21

      Particularly ideal for high rise units with security –