Existing Tesla Superchargers are now cranking out more power

Tesla Supercharger

As charging technology improves, power levels are going up, and charging times are coming down. As usual, Tesla is at the forefront of this trend (for now). The company recently launched the next-generation Supercharger V3, which is capable of charging at rates up to 250 kW.

Tesla also announced plans to increase the power levels at existing Supercharger V2 stations. The company says it will update its V2 infrastructure to enable a new peak charging rate of 145 kW. As Electrek reports, the stations were already theoretically able to deliver 145 kW, but it was believed that the vehicles’ software limited charging to a lower rate.

Model 3 is capable of charging at up to 250 kW, and Tesla has begun pushing out a software update (2019.7.11) that will enable Model 3s to get the maximum rate out of V2 chargers.

A Reddit user known as u/privaterbok reported achieving a 147 kW charging rate at a V2 Supercharger with his or her Long Range RWD Model 3, and posted pix to prove it. Electrek calculates that the peak rate works out to 627 miles per hour.

Tesla Supercharger

Models S and X should also be able to take advantage of the higher charging rates, but their new peak rate is as yet unknown.

Tesla may not hold the fast charging crown for long – Electrify America has already opened stations offering 350 kW charging, and the upcoming Audi e-tron and Porsche Taycan are supposed to be able to handle the power.



Source: Electrek

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