EVgo to offer Tesla connectors on its nationwide charging network

Tesla drivers are rightly proud of their Supercharger network, but there are times when it would be convenient to use another public charging station. In some regions, the lines at Superchargers are becoming longer, and new third-party public chargers are appearing all over the country.

In Europe, Tesla has equipped Model 3 with a CCS plug, and it offers a CCS adapter for Models S and X, so European Tesla drivers can easily use most non-Tesla charging stations. In the US however, it’s not so easy – Tesla offers a CHAdeMO adapter, but owners are still waiting for a CCS adapter.

Now network operator EVgo has announced that it will collaborate with Tesla to install the automaker’s proprietary connector at its stations around the country. EVgo has already added Tesla connectors at 5 of its stations in the San Francisco area. EVgo has over 750 fast charging stations nationwide, but it hasn’t said how many of these it will make Tesla-ready.

EVgo recently announced that it will be acquired by utility holding company LS Power.

“EVgo’s new program features integrated Tesla connectors installed at all EVgo public fast charging stations in the City of San Francisco,” the company announced. “We expect the program to expand nationally from there in 2020. EVgo’s new integrated Tesla charging provides up to 90 miles of charge in about 30 minutes at one flat per minute rate, with no additional fees.”

Source: Electrek

  • Nicholas A Morris

    Personally, I think it a shame that the proprietary Tesla standard will be removing connectors from other people. With Tesla providing CCS in Europe, and considering that those vehicles are manufactured in the US, why not provide CCS in the US? If nothing else, provide a CCS adapter for Tesla owners, so they can access the network, rather than reducing the effective number of CCS connectors for non-Tesla owners.

  • Pat Campbell

    Having to deal with Leaf charging for several years, I try to avoid charging my T3 anywhere it might interfere with non-Tesla owners. It was very tough to find chargers of any type in the early years. Finding a Tesla using one unnecessarily back then was a bummer for sure.

  • Lou

    Tesla chargers are overcrowded because they are giving away free energy. I can usually count on the limited number of CCS plugs to be available. However, this move will now create a burden on CCS users. A great way to drive EVgo customers over to Electrify America which soon will outpace the number of sites and plugs of both Tesla and EVGO

  • Lance Pickup

    Other comments rightly point out that in the short term this may be a bad thing for drivers of non-Tesla vehicles.

    On the other hand, if EVgo is actually a viable business (meaning they actually make money on the charging services they provide, and not just by receiving subsidies of some sort), then long term this is really good news for other EV makes. The reason is that with more demand/revenue, EVgo can expand their network. As long as they keep up with the demand (knowing there may be a lag, of course), eventually the end result is a more robust network that all EV owners, Tesla or otherwise, can enjoy.

    To say that other EV drivers will be negatively impacted by this is basically just admitting that EVgo stations are underutilized (and thus easy to find empty).