Emporia launches Intelligent Load Management for its Level 2 EV chargers

Emporia, a Colorado-based smart home energy management company, has added Intelligent Load Management for Emporia EV Chargers to its portfolio of products.

For homeowners with lower-capacity electrical panels—older panels are typically rated at 100 amps—installing a Level 2 EV charger is a challenge. Depending on an existing home’s setup and location, upgrading to a 200-amp panel can cost anywhere from $1,280 to $5,000, Emporia tells us. Smart panels on the market today start at $3,500.

Emporia’s solution allows EV owners to install the Emporia Level 2 EV Charger without the need for expensive panel upgrades, and it complies with all National Electric Code standards.

Emporia’s Intelligent Load Management product allows power to be diverted where it’s needed without any intervention. “Your charger will understand it can begin to draw power during the middle of the night when all of the lights are off, laundry is done and the only thing running is likely the HVAC system. In this scenario there’s enough power left over to charge an EV.”

The product has undergone extensive safety testing and both the Level 2 EV charger and the in-panel monitor have been certified by third-party regulatory agency UL.

“We’ve always been on a mission to save consumers money by leading the industry on price, and today’s launch will take our ecosystem even further by empowering homeowners to charge their EVs without investing thousands more in panel upgrades,” said CEO Shawn McLaughlin.

Emporia’s Load Management product, including the in-panel monitor and Level 2 Charger, will retail for $599.

Source: Emporia

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