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Emporia launches Intelligent Load Management for its Level 2 EV chargers

Emporia, a Colorado-based smart home energy management company, has added Intelligent Load Management for Emporia EV Chargers to its portfolio of products. For homeowners with lower-capacity electrical panels—older panels are typically rated at 100 amps—installing a Level 2 EV charger is a challenge. Depending on an existing home’s setup and location, upgrading to a 200-amp… Read more »

EnergyHub adds Emporia to its EV platform

EnergyHub, a US provider of distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS), has partnered with Emporia, a US supplier of home energy products, to add the Emporia Level 2 EV Charger to EnergyHub’s platform, which is designed to enable utility customer participation in managed charging, behavioral charging and charging analytics programs. “We’re excited to roll out Emporia’s… Read more »

Emporia Energy unveils new low-priced Level 2 charger

Emporia Energy, a Colorado-based provider of home energy management technology (see our recent feature article), is pushing the EVSE price envelope with a new Level 2 charger priced at $399. “Competing chargers with similar specs, warranty, safety certifications and customer ratings are selling on Amazon for as much as $750,” said Emporia CEO Shawn McLaughlin…. Read more »

Emporia’s energy management system prepares for the bidirectional EV charging future

Total control of power usage: from solar to EV and back to the house. Bidirectional charging promises to completely transform the vehicle ownership experience. Once an EV can double as a stationary storage device, it will take its place as part of an energy ecosystem that includes rooftop solar and energy management—and could even become… Read more »

Emporia Energy and BREK Electronics to develop bidirectional EV charger

Energy management specialist Emporia Energy has partnered with BREK Electronics to develop a bidirectional EV charger that can transfer power from a vehicle to a building and/or the grid. The new product is scheduled to go on sale in North America in 2023 at a price under $1,500. BREK, which specializes in silicon carbide-based power… Read more »

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