Electrify America station charges Porsche Taycan battery in 23 minutes at 270 kW

Two pioneers of ultra-fast charging infrastructure recently got together for a symbolic event to inaugurate a new era of faster charging. As part of the festivities for the Porsche Taycan’s global launch event, Electrify America and Porsche celebrated “the first time the Electrify America DC fast charging network was used nearly to its full potential.”

A Taycan, which drove approximately 250 miles directly from Niagara Falls, used on of the 350 kW chargers at Electrify America’s Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania charging station to charge from 5% to 80% SOC in 22.5 minutes.

The Taycan, which features a unique 800-volt charging system, topped up at a maximum power level of 270 kilowatts, the fastest charging speed for passenger vehicles available today.  

Electrify America and Porsche have been working together for some time to test the system. The Taycan is the first vehicle capable of charging at these levels, but many additional EVs from a variety of automakers are expected to be able to take advantage of Electrify America’s high-power charging capabilities in the near future.

“When Electrify America was formed, the idea of ultra-fast public charging was still very theoretical, and no 350 kW chargers were available to electric vehicle drivers,” said Electrify America CEO Giovanni Palazzo. “Today we are proud to showcase our network’s diligent engineering capability through successful, real-world 270 kW DC fast charging examples, finally making ultra-fast public charging a reality.”

Source: Electrify America

  • freedomev

    Yet the 3 charges faster/mile with 400vdc 250kw tech. What gives? Note they said up to 270kw.
    The problem is the KW goes downhill fast on the Taycan as can’t handle more like their claimed 350KW they just said never mind about vs the 3 stays high much longer.

  • morrisg

    Really, the Taycan license plate is “WRX 459”??? As in the Subaru WRX??? Might want to change that, Porsche marketing!

  • Stuart McColl

    Nice work boys ! Great to hear … congratulations !

  • Phillip Kollmeyer

    Oddly this picture is from the Walmart charging station in Cheektowaga outside Buffalo. They must have stopped there for a charge as well.