DBT and Matra showcase battery swapping station for electric bikes and scooters

European charging equipment maker DBT CEV and Matra, a manufacturer of Light Electric Vehicles, have introduced the Bat’Lib battery-swapping station for e-bikes and e-scooters. The new system is designed to let a rider exchange an empty battery for a full one in 10 seconds.

The Bat’Lib swapping station has ten charging ports. One port is always open to accept a new empty battery, while the remaining ports can simultaneously charge nine batteries. The rider removes the empty battery from their bike, swipes an RFID card to authorize charging, and sticks the empty battery into the open port. The Bat’Lib automatically opens the door for one of the charged batteries, and the rider simply pops it in and blasts off to the next adventure (or to work).

The Matra-designed battery pack is built by Chicago-based AllCell Technologies, and features AllCell’s proprietary passive thermal management technology.

DBT President Hervé Borgoltz said, “After several successful collaborations within the field of innovative EV charging with Matra, we believe that we needed to address all electric mobility needs, not only focusing on charging solutions for the electric car driver but also for users willing to make a difference at the local level with smaller vehicles. Thanks to this joint project with Matra, DBT CEV is able to offer a truly comprehensive portfolio of innovative charging solutions.”

Matra President Jacques Bonneville said, “The Light Electric Vehicle market today is leading the global EV market. Two-wheelers will continue to play a major role in solving city congestion in US and European markets for years to come. DBT’s expertise in EV charging and Matra’s advanced batteries and vehicles will allow efficient and affordable mobility solutions for fleets and resorts.”


Source: DBT USA

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