Bosch introduces a Level 2 charger for under $450

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions (formerly SPX Service Solutions) has introduced what it claims is the first EV charging station with a price under $450, about half that of most current EV chargers.

The Bosch Power Max is UL-certified, and is designed to work with all electric vehicles. Features include no-touch operation, a NEMA 3R enclosure for both indoor and outdoor installations, a visible LED indicator that shows the charging state, and a hard-wired on/off switch to completely shut off power to the unit. It’s available in 16- and 30-amp configurations, with cord length up to 25 feet.

“We believe that for the foreseeable future most EV drivers will primarily charge at home,” said Bosch President Tanvir Arfi. “Because many of the incentives available to offset the costs of purchasing and installing residential Level 2 charging stations are expiring, we believe it’s critical to maintain the momentum towards Level 2 by offering high quality, but lower cost charging solutions to our customers.”

Bosch also offers professional installation services that include a 3-year limited product warranty, all permitting, inspection and ongoing support. The company helps customers find rebates offered by utility companies, governments or vehicle manufacturers, and can even help to file the paperwork.

Bosch is now taking advance orders, and the Power Max will begin shipping in early June.


Source:Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

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