BMW tests 40-ton electric truck for materials transport

BMW SCHERM Electric Truck

BMW and the SCHERM Group have put a massive 40-ton EV into service for a one-year pilot. The Terberg YT202-EV electric tractor will travel a 2 km route eight times a day between the SCHERM group logistics center and the BMW plant in Munich, transporting vehicle components such as shock absorbers, springs and steering systems.

Terberg introduced the YT202-EV yard tractor in 2014. Units are operating at distribution centers and container terminals in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.

BMW SCHERM Electric Truck

The standard tractor has two batteries (112 kWh), and a third battery can be fitted for extended operations. It is equipped with a 138 kW, 720 N·m Siemens motor and an Allison 3000 transmission. Top speed is 25 mph.

The YT202-EV has a range of up to 100 kilometers (62 miles), theoretically enough for a full production day. BMW says it will be charged exclusively with renewable electricity, and will save 11.8 tons of CO2 annually compared to a legacy diesel truck.

“With this project we will gain valuable information on what will be possible with electric trucks in the future for city logistics,” said Jürgen Maidl, Head of Logistics at BMW Group.


Source: BMW via Green Car Congress


  • Alexis Boom

    That’s awesome! Can’t wait for them to build batteries into the trailer unit!

  • Michael B

    112kWh — total or each? Total would mean ~1/2 mile/kWh, compared to 3 or more for passenger vehicles.

    • Paul Zigouras

      2 kWh per mile is not unreasonable for something that weighs almost 20,000 pounds. Obviously it does not use that much at cruising speeds, but keep in mind that the watt-hour/mile calculations include normal take-offs, which use a tremendous amount of energy.

      • Michael B

        2 would be amazing. Perhaps I should have written 0.5 rather than 1/2. Hell, I’ll take 1/2 if it serves its purpose!

        Addendum: If buses and trucks go the battery route as the price per kWh keeps decreasing, one has to wonder if there’ll be a good use for fuel cells in transportation of any kind.

  • Gary

    Great idea. I’m sure that there’s plenty of low hanging fruit opportunities like this that lends itself to electrification.

  • Ramon A. Cardona

    Electric forklifts, small front loaders, moving cargo or pallets in warehouses, etc. are all possible uses. I am sure there are more. Time to develop these units. Well done.

    • TS

      Agree. It’s about time that this is done for industrial and commercial use. Not just personal use like in EV’s and vibrators. hehehe

  • TS

    Can one of the more educated commenters do the numbers here and compare performance differences vs. power (hp/watts) used between diesel and EV truck motors?