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ABB e-mobility simplifies payment for EV charging with Vourity acquisition

ABB e-mobility has acquired Swedish fintech startup Vourity, which provides technology designed to enable seamless payment options for EV charging. Vourity’s technology “enables rapid, secure payment for EV charging, using a wide variety of payment options including credit cards, mobile pay and RFID tags.” The cloud-based solution can be operated through a pay station or… Read more »

ABB e-mobility earns CTEP and NTEP certifications for DC fast chargers

In much of the US, public EV chargers will soon be required to display the amount of electricity dispensed and the amount charged. This mirrors regulations that have long applied to gas pumps, and is intended to assure drivers that they’re being accurately charged for the electricity they buy. These regulations are already in force… Read more »

ABB introduces range of hinged high-voltage connector backshells for heavy-duty EVs 

Cable-to-connector stability is critical to the operation of any EV. Heavy-duty EV wiring is particularly vulnerable to high engine temperatures, strain, abrasion, vibration, ingress and corrosion. To protect and stabilize these connections, ABB Installation Products has introduced a full range of hinged high-voltage connector backshells. ABB’s new Harnessflex EVO Connector Interfaces are part of a… Read more »

ABB e-mobility launches new public and fleet EV charging solutions

ABB e-mobility has announced three new additions to its already extensive North American EV charging portfolio. ABB e-mobility’s Terra 360 all-in-one charger was designed to pack high power into a small footprint, delivering up to 360 kW of power. The UL-certified Terra 360 is equipped with CCS-1 in a dual-outlet configuration that can charge two… Read more »

ABB opens new Virginia manufacturing facility for commercial electric vehicles

Electronics giant ABB has opened a new manufacturing, distribution and repair center in Mechanicsville, Virginia, to support its Motion Traction business. ABB’s Motion Traction division offers a range of products for use in passenger railway cars and electric commercial vehicles, including compact converters, auxiliary converters, battery chargers and energy storage systems. The new facility will… Read more »

ABB E-mobility and Scania successfully test Megawatt Charging System

Scania has successfully installed and tested a pilot Megawatt Charging System from ABB E-mobility. Deploying this high-power charging solution could enable operators to halve the charging time for heavy-duty vehicles, says Scania. Scania calls the testing, which was done to prove the technical viability of high-current charging, a first important step towards a future system,… Read more »

Circle K installs ABB 180 kW DC fast chargers at Virginia store

Convenience store and gas retail chain Circle K has opened its latest EV charging site at a store in Wytheville, Virginia, along Interstate 81. This site is the first to be equipped with ABB E-mobility’s US-manufactured Terra 184 DC fast chargers, which provide up to 180 kW of power. ABB’s Terra 184 EV chargers were… Read more »

ABB’s new CogniEN delivers real-time data on EV charging station performance

The poor reliability of public chargers is an industry-wide scandal. Better access to real-time diagnostic data surely wouldn’t hurt, so we’re happy to hear about a new cloud-based digital monitoring platform called CogniEN, from ABB Electrification. CogniEN isn’t specifically designed for the charging industry—it’s also aimed at the utility, data center and renewable energy sectors…. Read more »

ABB E-mobility invests in Switch to create a more integrated approach to EV charger operation

ABB E-mobility has made an investment in London-based startup Switch EV, describing the move as “the start of a collaboration to advance a seamless EV charging ecosystem.” Noting that “the global charger network remains fragmented, with a different charging experience from location to location, and operator to operator,” ABB sees the need for “a more… Read more »

Grabbing the prime real estate for electric truck charging hubs

Q&A with Zeem Solutions CEO Paul Gioupis. Charging-as-a-service is a hot business proposition these days, and for good reason. Electrifying a vehicle fleet is a complex undertaking that requires specialized skills and resources that most companies don’t have. It makes sense for organizations to focus on their core activities, so just as they outsource things… Read more »