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ABB launches energy-efficient motor and inverter package for electric buses

Swedish-Swiss electrical equipment maker ABB has launched a motor and inverter package tailored to electric buses. The AMXE250 motor and HES580 three-level inverter were developed together to maximize efficiency, offering up to 12% less motor losses on typical drive cycles compared to previous two-level inverters, according to the company. Unlike two-level inverters, which switch between… Read more »

ABB E-mobility’s new A400 All-in-One charger is designed for reliability

ABB E-mobility makes a wide range of EV charging stations and related products. With the announcement of its new A400 All-in-One charger, the company acknowledges the industry’s stubborn reliability problems, and introduces some features designed to deliver a more user-friendly charging experience. “The A400 has been developed with a consumer-centric design approach focused on achieving… Read more »

ABB E-mobility and MAN demonstrate megawatt charging on electric truck

The Megawatt Charging System (MCS) is a new charging standard that enables super-fast charging for heavy-duty electric vehicles (up to 3.75 MW, compared to a maximum of 400 kW with CCS). The international standardization process is expected to be completed this year, and companies are already close to commercial implementation. Electric truck expert Rustam Kocher… Read more »

Smart robotic automation solutions from ABB to build Volvo EVs

Swedish/Swiss automation company ABB has announced a partnership with Volvo Cars to supply over 1,300 robots and functional packages to help build the automaker’s next generation of EVs. The deal includes functional packages for spot-welding, riveting, dispensing, flow drilling and ultrasonic weld inspection. Volvo Cars will install each ready-to-use hardware, software and services package in… Read more »

MAN and ABB E-mobility announce R&D cooperation

European vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with ABB E-mobility to work together even more closely, particularly in the area of R&D. “Cooperation in the area of research and development is rather rare in our industry,” said Thomas Nickels, Senior VP of Engineering at MAN. “Together with ABB E-mobility,… Read more »

ABB to support Gotion’s battery factories for European and US EV markets

ABB and Gotion High-Tech have agreed to cooperate on the construction of large-scale battery factories to serve the European and US EV markets. ABB will collaborate with Gotion to supply a master design plan combining automation, electrification and digital technologies. Gotion High-Tech, in which Volkswagen has a 26.5 percent stake, is set to open a… Read more »

ABB e-mobility simplifies payment for EV charging with Vourity acquisition

ABB e-mobility has acquired Swedish fintech startup Vourity, which provides technology designed to enable seamless payment options for EV charging. Vourity’s technology “enables rapid, secure payment for EV charging, using a wide variety of payment options including credit cards, mobile pay and RFID tags.” The cloud-based solution can be operated through a pay station or… Read more »

ABB e-mobility earns CTEP and NTEP certifications for DC fast chargers

In much of the US, public EV chargers will soon be required to display the amount of electricity dispensed and the amount charged. This mirrors regulations that have long applied to gas pumps, and is intended to assure drivers that they’re being accurately charged for the electricity they buy. These regulations are already in force… Read more »

ABB introduces range of hinged high-voltage connector backshells for heavy-duty EVs 

Cable-to-connector stability is critical to the operation of any EV. Heavy-duty EV wiring is particularly vulnerable to high engine temperatures, strain, abrasion, vibration, ingress and corrosion. To protect and stabilize these connections, ABB Installation Products has introduced a full range of hinged high-voltage connector backshells. ABB’s new Harnessflex EVO Connector Interfaces are part of a… Read more »

ABB e-mobility launches new public and fleet EV charging solutions

ABB e-mobility has announced three new additions to its already extensive North American EV charging portfolio. ABB e-mobility’s Terra 360 all-in-one charger was designed to pack high power into a small footprint, delivering up to 360 kW of power. The UL-certified Terra 360 is equipped with CCS-1 in a dual-outlet configuration that can charge two… Read more »