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Passenger-focused AC and heat saves energy and improves range

Energy-gobbling accessories such as air conditioning can take a big bite out of an EV’s range, but a pleasant interior climate is a must. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have been working on this dilemma as part of the research program Visio.M. In a legacy vehicle, waste heat from the engine is… Read more »

German researchers optimize regenerative braking with torque vectoring transmission

As part of Germany’s Visio.M electromobility project, researchers at Munich Technical University (TUM) have developed a torque vectoring transmission that’s designed to improve handling and recoup the maximum amount of braking energy. “While drive torque is normally distributed 50/50 to the wheels of the drive axle, our torque vectoring system doses the torque between the… Read more »

Concept EV uses LEXAN windows to boost range

The relentless quest to build lighter vehicles is driven by the need to reduce emissions, but it sometimes produces other benefits as well. A German-based consortium including BMW and Daimler has built a concept EV with all-plastic windows that not only demonstrates gains in energy efficiency and range, but also delivers improved acceleration, vehicle handling… Read more »