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Tesla and camera tech supplier Mobileye part ways

The Israeli firm Mobileye, which supplies camera-related tech to several automakers, will no longer provide equipment for Tesla’s Autopilot after the end of the current contract. The companies will end their collaboration when Tesla stops using Mobileye’s EyeQ3 chip, which seems likely to occur when the carmaker introduces its Autopilot 2.0 suite. The two companies… Read more »

Los Angeles van pool and car share service deploys fleet of Model X

In Southern California, with its clogged freeways and limited public transport, van pools have become a popular way to commute. According to LA-based Green Commuter, there are currently about 3,000 van pools operating in the Greater Los Angeles region. Now the company has introduced a van pool and car share service with a fleet of… Read more »

Tesla reveals Master Plan, Part Deux

Is it madness, or genius? Will it save civilization, or summon the Terminators? Either way, Tesla is determined to make the next ten years mighty interesting. With Model S in a vigorous prime and Model 3 gestating, Elon Musk’s first master plan is nearing completion. That plan, unveiled 10 years ago, is familiar to Charged… Read more »

Changes to California ZEV rules could threaten Tesla income

As is the case with most government regulations, the California Air Resources Board’s Zero-Emission Vehicle rules are complex, and changing them tends to create winners and losers (and acronyms). CARB regulators are now considering changes to the rules that would make it harder for automakers to comply with ZEV targets by buying credits, rather than… Read more »

Tesla: Autopilot was not active during Pennsylvania Model X crash

Was it or wasn’t it? That’s the question that will now be asked every time someone crashes a Tesla. Well, don’t bother claiming that “Autopilot made me do it” if it isn’t true, because Little Brother is watching, in the form of electronic logs that record every movement of every Tesla automobile. After a recent… Read more »

Consumer Reports: Tesla should disable automatic steering

Tesla has been weathering a lot of criticism in the press since the fatal crash involving an Autopilot-equipped Model S. As Road & Track’s Jack Baruth very colorfully noted, some of it has come from self-appointed experts with little knowledge of the auto industry. However, the latest reproach comes from Consumer Reports, a respected publication… Read more »

Auto industry (except Tesla) spends an average $1,000 per vehicle in advertising

Elon Musk has said several times that he rarely thinks about marketing, and that if you build a truly revolutionary product, the marketing will take care of itself. Tesla has followed this philosophy since its founding. It participates in only the largest, most high-profile auto shows, gives access to only a few carefully selected journalists,… Read more »

Tesla misses forecasts for Q2, but production is ramping up

Tesla’s recently announced production and delivery figures for the second quarter of 2016 point to a battery that’s either half-full or half-empty, depending on your outlook. On one hand, Q2 production and deliveries both fell slightly short of projections. On the other hand, production continues to ramp up quickly. While Q2 production of 18,345 units… Read more »