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Elon Musk: Model X is a harder design problem but worth the wait

At the Geneva Auto Salon a few weeks ago, we were surprised to see that, unlike the previous year, Tesla had no Model X on display. The booth bunnies had no explanation to offer, but in a recent interview with Bloomberg, Elon Musk shed a little light on that topic. While demand for the Model… Read more »

Panasonic and Tesla to expand supply of battery cells

Panasonic and Tesla have updated and expanded an existing agreement under which the Japanese giant supplies automotive-grade lithium-ion battery cells to the Silicon Valley trendsetter. The new arrangement calls for Panasonic to supply nearly two billion cells over the course of four years, both for Model S and the new Model X, which is scheduled… Read more »

Tesla takes aim at rear-view mirrors

The latest automotive icon that Tesla is setting out to smash: side mirrors (wing mirrors to our British friends). Eagle-eyed EV watchers may have noticed that the original concept of the Model X had no mirrors, and neither does Volkswagen’s diesel hybrid spaceship, the XL1.  According to John Voelcker of Green Car Reports, the rear-view… Read more »