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Tesla Model X will probably qualify for the Hummer Tax Loophole. What does that mean?

Oh the irony! Could something called the Hummer Tax Loophole end up supercharging sales of Tesla’s new Model X? Section 179 of the federal tax code allows taxpayers to immediately deduct the cost of certain assets, including “heavy vehicles and equipment,” instead of depreciating them over time. Electrek reports that this became known as the… Read more »

Tesla reveals details of Model X Signature Series

Tesla has launched an online configuration tool for existing reservation holders of the Model X Signature Series, revealing several previously unknown details of the ESUV, which is expected to begin deliveries in late September. The top-end Signature Series, which will be the first Model X version to be produced, includes a suite of special features,… Read more »

Tesla locks up long-term lithium supply

To produce EVs, you need batteries. To build batteries, you need lithium. That’s why Tesla has signed a long-term contract with a pair of mining companies to supply lithium hydroxide from a site in northern Mexico. Bacanora Minerals Ltd and Rare Earth Minerals PLC are partners in a joint venture called the Sonora Lithium Project…. Read more »

Loyal GM customer told CEO Mary Barra he is tempted by Tesla’s “beautiful” user interface

There’s currently a lot of talk about a trend that Tesla co-founder Ian Wright discussed in our pages a year ago: even as software becomes a more and more critical part of the automobile, the user interfaces built by the (non-Tesla) automakers are clunky and old-fashioned, especially when it comes to integrating with our other… Read more »

Tesla has yet to build an alpha prototype of Model 3

Tesla’s Model 3, the promised EV for Everyman, is due to disrupt the automotive world in 2017, but the company has yet to complete an alpha engineering prototype. Should we be worried? Automakers are usually secretive about this sort of stuff, but it seems that developing alpha and beta prototypes are milestones that CEO Elon… Read more »

Tesla Q4 earnings: still in the red, but great things coming soon

Tesla’s earnings report for the 4th quarter of 2014 followed the usual pattern: there’s plenty of good news, but the company is still operating at a loss; Elon Musk dropped his customary vague hint of more wondrous goodies to come in the future; and the stock market reacted in its usual way – TSLA shares… Read more »

VIDEO: Mister Musk goes to Detroit, presses automakers to get serious about EVs

Elon Musk spoke at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit this week, and as usual, he had plenty to say – in an hour-long interview and a Q&A with reporters, he covered a wide range of topics. The gadfly of the automotive industry reiterated his long-standing challenge to other automakers to move faster on… Read more »

Tesla Model X to be the first EV with towing capability

When Tesla’s category-killing electric SUV finally goes on sale, it will be available with an optional trailer hitch, the company revealed this week. A letter to Model X reservation holders posted on the Tesla Motors Club forum (via Green Car Reports) reads, in part: We’ll be spending much of 2015 building and testing production-intent prototypes before delivering… Read more »