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Tesla vs Times! Elon Musk says Model S review is “fake”

In one corner, America’s newspaper of record! In the other corner, one of our most eloquent entrepreneurs, a man who never shrinks from defending his creations against attacks in the media! This impromptu bout promises much entertainment for EV boosters and bashers alike.  The story so far:  On February 8, The New York Times published… Read more »

New study: using aluminum instead of steel can reduce the cost of an EV

Automakers are devoting a lot of effort to making cars lighter these days, and the quest is especially critical for builders of electric vehicles, as less weight can translate into more range…or lower cost. A German research institute called FKA has done a new study, at the behest of a pair of aluminum trade groups,… Read more »

November sales: Prius Plug-in takes lead, Volt drops to third place

The good news: 2012 plug-in vehicle sales may turn out to be triple the 2011 figure. The bad news: November’s total is down a little from October, and sales of the former front-runner, the Chevy Volt, took a big hit. The Volt sold 1,519 units in November, a steep decline from October, in which the… Read more »

Tesla reaches break-even point as it struggles to catch up with orders

Tesla’s on a roll these days. Still basking in the glory of rave reviews by Motor Trend and Consumer Reports, CEO Elon Musk announced that the company has stopped burning cash and reached the break-even point, a major milestone for any start-up. “Am happy to report that Tesla was narrowly cash flow positive last week. Continued improvement expected… Read more »

Tesla announces modest price increase as media raves about Model S

  For many prospective Model S buyers got, today’s news was probably a pleasant surprise, as Tesla announced that its much-feared price increase would be – drumroll, please – $2,500. Many in the media thought it was madness to raise the price for the American-made electric luxury sedan, as everyone agrees that high up-front prices… Read more »