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Sunstone Engineering’s new battery welding system enables copper and nickel tab welding

Sunstone Engineering, a manufacturer of high-tech micro-welding and engraving solutions, has developed a new battery welding system that’s capable of welding copper and nickel tabs to power cells. Sunstone’s Omega PA250i includes new welding technology that clears a path for battery manufacturers to use pure copper or nickel tabs in the production of power cells…. Read more »

Sunstone Engineering expands range of capacitive discharge fine spot welders

Sunstone Engineering has expanded the energy range of its production-ready, capacitive discharge fine spot welders, adding the 1,200 Ws model to its existing line, which already includes 200, 400, and 600 Ws models.  “Sunstone’s CDDP-A welders make [EV] power cell production more efficient in two ways,” says Sunstone President Jonathan Young. “First, as a fine… Read more »