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May plug-in sales: Tesla, LEAF and Volt back in the top 3, overall sales mediocre

The traditional running order reasserted itself in May, as the Model S, LEAF and Volt slid back into the top three spots. While plug-in sales were up substantially over April, they failed to best the May 2014 numbers. The Tesla Model S grabbed the lead with 2,400 estimated US sales. Deliveries of the D are… Read more »

New report: US plug-in sales could crack a million a year by 2024

Each year, Navigant Research releases a report that forecasts future trends in the plug-in vehicle (PEV) market. The latest edition predicts that annual North American PEV sales should break the one-million mark around 2024. The new report, Electric Vehicle Geographic Forecasts, notes that North America is the world’s strongest market for light-duty PEVs, with more… Read more »

April plug-in sales: Tesla and Nissan battle for lead, Chevy Spark (what?) snatches third place

The monthly sales race has presented a predictable pattern for many months: LEAF, Model S and Volt in the lead, Ford and Toyota plug-ins in the second rank, low-volume and compliance cars way in the back of the pack. So it was quite an upset when a couple of models that everyone had long ago… Read more »

March plug-in sales: Tesla grabs lead, Fiat surprises, Kia and Cadillac disappoint

There are several interesting developments to report on the EV sales front this month – an overall increase, a lead change, and a sales surge in the most unexpected of quarters. Total plug-in sales for the month were 10,341, a healthy recovery from February’s slump, and a 7% increase over the March 2014 numbers. Interestingly,… Read more »

New study: Chinese more receptive to EVs than Americans

A new study by a team from Carnegie Mellon University, Ford and Drexel University suggests that Chinese consumers are more receptive to adopting battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) than their American counterparts. The study, “Will subsidies drive electric vehicle adoption? Measuring consumer preferences in the US and China,” was published in the journal Transportation Research Part A…. Read more »

Plug-in sales beginning to take off in UK

The UK has had a bit of a slow start getting plugged in – last June a survey showed little consumer awareness of EVs, and more recently London’s public charging network has been plagued by problems – but the Brits seem to be turning up the voltage now. This month, the Department for Transport reported… Read more »

Plug-in sales drop with the temperature – LEAF fails to set new record, Volt buyers wait for the new model

January has always been a slow month for EV sales, and this month didn’t fail to disappoint. Monthly sales of 5,924 barely bested last January’s figure. A new generation of vastly-improved plug-ins is in sight, so a lot of buyers may be opting to wait a bit, and those rock-bottom gas prices probably aren’t helping…. Read more »

Lux Research: Cheap oil’s impact on EV sales will be temporary

How much the latest plunge in oil prices will affect plug-in sales is anybody’s guess. Consumers have shown themselves to be pretty oblivious to history – when prices go down, the SUVs start flying off the lots. Will EVs be watching sadly from the sidelines? Lux Research is taking the long view. In “Just a… Read more »

2014 plug-in sales post 23% gain over 2013 as Tesla takes the lead and Mercedes and VW enter the race

2014 was another year of steady growth for EV sales. Some 12,874 plug-ins were sold in the US in December, a healthy gain compared to December 2013. For the full year, sales are up 23%. The Tesla Model S passed the LEAF and Volt to slide into the lead (doubtless thanks to the new P85D’s… Read more »