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Sierra Club multi-state study of the EV shopping experience finds room for improvement

There are over 30 plug-in vehicles available in the US from a variety of automakers, and in most parts of the country, infrastructure is quickly proliferating. A recent Union of Concerned Scientists and Consumers Union survey found that 55 percent of drivers in Northeastern states and 65 percent in California are interested in EVs. So… Read more »

New venture aims to redefine the EV buying experience

Auto dealerships have emerged as a major roadblock on the way to widespread EV adoption. Most (but not all) dealers have little knowledge of or interest in EVs, and some actively discourage customers from buying. Tesla’s direct-sales model seems to work well enough, but even the Prophets of Palo Alto can’t save the world alone…. Read more »

New guide offers strategies for encouraging EV adoption in underserved areas

The criticism that EVs are playthings for the rich is one that resonates with local government officials and community groups. Many of them want to implement measures to advance EV adoption, but they don’t want to advocate policies that leave lower-income groups behind. The high up-front cost of EVs and the difficulties of providing charging… Read more »

Plug-in sales continue to climb in July, Volt retakes the lead

US plug-in sales continued their steady growth last month, and even the mainstream press is now beginning to understand that rock and roll is here to stay. 13,432 EVs and PHEVs changed hands in July, an incredible increase over July 2015’s 8,951. The Chevy Volt regained its accustomed first place, as accolades accumulate for the… Read more »

Californians buy more EVs than the rest of the US combined

California is the most populous state in the US, and has long been considered the most progressive. It has always led the nation in plug-in vehicle sales. But by how much? According to the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative (via Green Car Reports), 52 percent of the plug-ins sold in the US in June went… Read more »

Plug-in sales in the US soar in June, Tesla breaks away from the pack

US plug-in sales resumed their steady growth in June, after a slow May ended a six-month streak of consecutive monthly records. Over 15,000 EVs and PHEVs changed hands, a sharp increase from June 2015’s 10,364, according to InsideEVs. Tesla opened up a wide lead over the other plug-in purveyors: Model S moved 3,700 units, and Model… Read more »

New survey: Over half of California drivers would consider buying an EV

Even in green California, plug-in vehicle sales still represent only 3 percent of the new vehicle market. However, with 20 models now available, and a new generation of vehicles in the pipeline, the potential for growth is huge. A new survey released by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and Consumers Union offers encouraging news:… Read more »

Nordic plug-in market soars in Q1 2016

13,896 new plug-in vehicles hit the roads of Scandinavia in the first quarter of 2016. Both Norway and Finland had their best-selling quarters to date. However, sales in Denmark stalled as the government phased out tax breaks. As reported by auto industry publication Insero Quarterly, EVs are still outselling PHEVs, but the latter are closing… Read more »

Plug-in sales continue to climb in April: New Volt, Fusion Energi on top

US plug-in sales continue their steady ascent. In April, about 10,557 plug-ins were sold, a 16% gain over last April, and the sixth consecutive monthly record. The Chevy Volt took first place for the month, as sales increased to 1,983 units. The new and improved 2017 Volt is now officially on sale nationwide, but Volts… Read more »