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Electrolyte producer NOHMs Technologies becomes Sionic Energy

NOHMs Technologies, a provider of electrolyte products for Li-ion batteries, has announced its relaunch as Sionic Energy, transforming its business to deliver complete battery cell designs that incorporate its technologies into a drop-in, rapidly commercialized, low-cost, high-performance Li-ion technology. Sionic’s silicon battery cell designs can be integrated into cylindrical, pouch or prismatic cell formats in… Read more »

NOHMs raises $5 million to commercialize non-flammable liquid-based electrolytes

NOHMs Technologies (Nano Organic Hybrid Materials), a Cornell University spin-out founded in 2010, has raised $5 million in Series B venture capital financing to commercialize its non-flammable battery electrolyte technology. NOHMs has developed a family of ionic liquid-containing electrolytes that are stable above 4.5 volts in lithium-ion cells. The two electrolyte product lines currently under… Read more »

NOHMs Technologies establishes Li-S battery manufacturing facility in Kentucky

NOHMs Technologies, a lithium-sulfur battery spin-off from Cornell University, will locate a new research, manufacturing and product development facility in Lexington, Kentucky. The company will use the Kentucky-Argonne Battery Manufacturing Research and Development Center, a partnership of the Argonne National Laboratory, the state and the Universities of Kentucky and Louisville. Ford, Hitachi and Toyota are some… Read more »