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NOHMs raises $5 million to commercialize non-flammable liquid-based electrolytes

Test Tubes - Horia Varlan (CC BY 2.0)

NOHMs Technologies (Nano Organic Hybrid Materials), a Cornell University spin-out founded in 2010, has raised $5 million in Series B venture capital financing to commercialize its non-flammable battery electrolyte technology.

NOHMs has developed a family of ionic liquid-containing electrolytes that are stable above 4.5 volts in lithium-ion cells. The two electrolyte product lines currently under development for EV batteries are:

  • NanoLyte Electrolyte: SF Series. Non-flammable electrolyte to improve EV battery durability. This electrolyte is a drop-in replacement for commercial ionic liquids used in PHEV and EV cells.
  • NanoLyte Electrolyte: HVE Series. High-voltage electrolyte for cell charge voltage above 4.35 V to improve EV battery energy density. This electrolyte is compatible with electrodes that charge between 4.45 V and 4.95 V.

In 2015, the United States Advanced Battery Consortium awarded a $1.64-million contract to NOHMs for the development of electrolytes for automotive batteries. NOHMs is collaborating with A123 (cell build and testing) and CoorsTek (ionic liquid synthesis and cost analysis) on the project.

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The 18-month program is focusing on the development of functional, ionic liquid-based electrolyte and co-solvent combinations that exhibit high ionic conductivity and stability for application in 4.6-5.0-volt lithium-ion batteries.

“NanoLyte Electrolyte contains ionic liquids, which are non-flammable,” explains Dr. Surya Moganty, CTO at NOHMs and inventor of the technology. “By engineering the molecular structure, we can create electrolytes that are abuse-tolerant without sacrificing the power or battery life.”

Li-ion Battery Fire Test


No Fire with NanoLyteTM Electrolyte SF

Source: NOHMs Technologies via Green Car Congress
Image: Horia Varlan (CC BY 2.0)

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