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Mahindra to launch £13,000 EV in UK market

The Indian conglomerate Mahindra has been developing a variety of EVs since it bought automaker Reva in 2010. One of these is a small city runabout called the e2o that has been undergoing trials in India. Now Mahindra says it will launch the e2o, with a starting price just under £13,000, in London in April,… Read more »

Mahindra to sell its Reva e20 EV in Europe

Indian automaker Mahindra Reva has announced plans to start selling its tiny Reva e20 EV in Europe by the end of the summer. Since the giant conglomerate Mahindra bought the Reva Electric Car Company in 2010, the company has become India’s leading EV developer. “The way electric vehicle technology is growing in Europe, we expect… Read more »

Saab to be bought by Mahindra?

National Electric Vehicle of Sweden (NEVS), which has been laboring mightily to bring the Saab brand back to life as an EV, says that an Asian automaker is planning to buy a majority stake in the company. In a reorganization application filed with a Swedish court, NEVS said that it has signed a letter of… Read more »

India approves incentives for EVs and hybrids, sets ambitious target

India’s government has approved a 230 billion rupee ($4.13 billion) plan to encourage the production of electric and hybrid vehicles, with a target of six million vehicles on the road by 2020, Reuters reported this week. Four to five million of those are expected to be two-wheelers. Even so, it sounds like an ambitious goal,… Read more »

Indian government plans large investments to promote EVs and hybrids

Zee News reported that the Indian government plans to invest 13,000 crore rupees (about $2.4 billion) over a period of eight years to promote electric and hybrid vehicles in the country. The Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises is drafting a National Mission for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (NMHEV) in consultation with various automakers,… Read more »