Mahindra to launch £13,000 EV in UK market

Mahindra e2o

The Indian conglomerate Mahindra has been developing a variety of EVs since it bought automaker Reva in 2010. One of these is a small city runabout called the e2o that has been undergoing trials in India.

Now Mahindra says it will launch the e2o, with a starting price just under £13,000, in London in April, to be followed by several other UK markets (via Evening Standard). This will be the company’s first venture into a market outside of the Indian subcontinent, and the first Mahindra-branded vehicle in the UK.

Mahindra e2o

Mahindra designed the e2o as an affordable city car for young families with a driveway or garage looking to buy their second car. The e20 will be sold only online, and repairs will be handled by a network of mobile service technicians.

“We want to take EVs out of the elitist market and make it more of a run-of-the-mill thing,” said Arvind Mathew, Chief Executive of Mahindra’s EV business. “Our product is really designed for city commuting, not for long-distance driving. Our foray into the UK is purely electric so it’s a big deal for us because as a brand we don’t exist [in the UK].”


Source: Evening Standard

  • Termin8r

    Oh please, please, please, let it be a bit more of a mainstream car than what we see here. People are generally stupid and their outsized egos need ‘normal’ cars to be transported in. I’m afraid this thing just won’t do, even though I’d buy one myself.

    • Mike

      I owed 4 Reva G-wizes and had a years of great fun with them. But this e20 is only a tuned up G-wiz. Who would buy that for £13000? City car with 40 miles range at max 40 mph? Now when the firsts second hand imievs and leafs are going for £5000? No way of survival. The sales of these arent doing well even in India where they cost £1500…

      • Howie Bolt

        Thanks Mike..

      • Jasmin

        Mike, it’s not related to the G-Wiz. It’s a completely new platform – new floorpan, new drivetrain, new batteries, the works. The only commonality is the company. In my opinion, it’s a good breath of fresh air to the UK EV market, since all current models except the virtually invisible Citroen C-Zero are occupying the middle/upper market price brackets. A low-cost EV could make a serious impact as a second car (somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of UK households have 2 or more cars). Many people aren’t ready for an EV as a main car, and few people could justify ~£20k for a car just to do the commute/shopping/school run. This is where the e2o can work – it’ll be <£10k with incentives, making it directly competitive with other city cars. It can also help people on low incomes (and new drivers) get on the road – low purchase price but also no petrol, no tax, low insurance, minimal servicing costs etc.

        Potentially, low cost EVs like these could do more than Tesla for transforming mobility, not just in electrifying it, but making it more democratic, more accessible and more efficient in terms of materials and resources consumed.

  • Ad van der Meer

    We’ve see a few of these “cars” come and go. It’s only marginally better than a Twizy, so no. I would rather use a bicycle in the rain.
    I wonder if the Mahindra would pass a crash test.

    • Howie Bolt

      It has to to conform with UK standards,but hey looks ok as long as the range is ok.Bearing in mind most journeys are well under20 miles,there and back.I would have one IF,theres always an If?

  • jstack6

    Interesting, whats the range? Does it have a heater and Air conditioning? This could meet the needs of many people on short errands in town.

    • Jasmin

      Range isn’t certain yet. It’s going to be modified from the Indian version, and rumors are this will include a larger battery and higher top speed to allow for motorway driving. Test vehicles in the UK have been spotted with Chademo rapid charging facilities (Indian version has a proprietary fast charger), and it is confirmed it will be a four door model with slightly longer body, possibly due to the larger battery. It will have heating, a/c, keyless entry, infotainment system and likely have pre-conditioning via smartphone (Indian version does, but bringing this to the UK model depends on Mahindra negotiating network access with a mobile carrier).