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Koben Systems’ smart breaker panel and battery pack enable large EV charging installations

As the adoption of EVs continues to ramp up, condo complexes and workplaces will need to provide their denizens with adequate EV charging infrastructure. However, this is easier said than done. A few chargers can be added without surpassing the power available to the building, but as more EVs join the fray, and battery sizes… Read more »

Koben Systems’ new scalable battery storage solution for multi-unit and workplace EV charging

EVSE solution provider Koben Systems has announced a new integrated system designed to reduce demand charges in large-scale Level 2 charging installations. Koben’s Evolve EVSF is aimed at multi-unit dwelling (MUD) and workplace locations. Utility demand charges may not be a concern for locations with 1-10 chargers – most complexes can accommodate the power. But… Read more »