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Klaric releases high voltage measurement module for EVs

Klaric, a provider of measurement and inspection technology, has announced the KLARI-QUAD2 measurement module for EVs and hybrids. The KLARI-QUAD2 provides galvanic isolation of 1,500 volts DC to enable current, voltage, and temperature measurements in EVs. The KLARI-QUAD2 includes an Auto-Range function to automatically use the best input range for a measured signal. It can… Read more »

Klaric announces new measurement tool for EV charging

Measurement technology provider Klaric has released the EV-CHARGE-MONITOR, a new device for monitoring the charging process of EVs. The measurement device can be used for charging testing and validation, vehicle emissions certification, winter testing and more. The EV-CHARGE-MONITOR is placed between the EV and charging station, allowing the device to monitor voltage, charge current, effective… Read more »